Although we are
we thought that you may like to continue to view some of the slideshows of our fishing friends from previous years.

Thank you for fishing with us in the past.

Please, no phone calls to request fishing.
The pond has been closed since Fall 2010.


We enjoyed having you fish with us.
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Taylorsville, NC

Bob & Lou Adams

A little History...Adams Fish Pond was built around mid 1940 by Robert Lee Adams, father of Bob Adams. The pond was stocked and opened for public fishing for several years. In 1998 Bob Adams reopened the pond for public fishing. The pond was heavily stocked with large catfish weighing between 4 to 50 pounds.

At the end of the Summer of 2010, the decision was made to not reopen the pond for fishing. Please, no phone calls to request fishing...we are closed. Thanks for fishing with us over the past years!


VIEW 2010 Photos!

Enjoy the slideshows from
previous years fishing!

Some of our last 'fishing visitors' were the Dr. Williams family. It was a special treat to have them visit us for the day!

Lou and I have made the decision that it's time for us to close for public fishing. Our health and other factors have made this decision necessary.

We just need to spend our time relaxing and enjoying the summer months. We want you "Guys and Gals" that have fished with us, to know that we will miss you and we remember you fondly.

Good Fishing, wherever you go. Bob & Lou

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Summertime at the Pond

End of the 2006 Season



The Dr. Reginald Williams family
enjoyed a lovely Fall day at the pond.
(Dr. Williams with his sister, Marie)

Marie came in from Illinois to visit.

Dr. Williams' son, Eric,
enjoys fishing out on the pond.

Dr. Williams' mother, Carolyn, (left) also flew in from Illinois to visit and enjoyed the day with Dr. Williams' wife, Charlotte.

Eric, Carolyn & Charlotte Williams
wait for the 'big catch'!
(left to right)

Marie did not catch this twenty four pounder but wanted a picture. She may be bragging about the big one she caught to friends back in Illinois now.

Doctor Reg Williams and family paid us a visit Sunday October 10, 2010. He and son Eric decided to tour the pond by canoe while taking a break from fishing.

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